CJSC "Press-forging machinery works", produces a high-quality equipment recycling the sheet metal, processing scrap and garbage, treating bars as well as automated rod straightening and polishing complexes, agroindustrial equipment, presses for making brick, other produce of its own metallurgical works. The enterprise has the great potentialities. In fact, the versatility of the enterprise permits to produce practically any type of machines.

CJSC "Press-forging machinery works", carries out the running, medium and overhaul repair of the equipment of home and import production:

The enterprise has mastered the repair of the scrap processing equipment of "ZDAZ" firm production (scrap shears CNG-800, baling presses CPA-400, PL-450, CPA-1250, CPL1000, etc.); RICO firm (baling presses C-12, C-26, C-40). We are ready to make repair and modernization of the scrap processing equipment of other manufacturers.

CJSC "Press-forging machinery works", carries out the development and manufacture of electro and hydrodrives of above-mentioned equipment on the modern elements base, as well as modernization and shift of electro and hydrodrives of foreign production on the Russian element base.
To license the receiving centres for ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals we offer the baling presses БВ1330, БА1330 with required documentation.

CJSC "Press-forging machinery works". sells the equipment restored at the works-manufacturer of the following range:
- crank shears H483, H481, H478A, HA3225, H3223, H3222A;
- alligator shears H2732;
- scrap processing equipment БВ1330, БА1330, БГ1334, Б1334.
The prices of the above-mentioned press-forging equipment amount 50-60% from the current price of the new machine.

CJSC "Press-forging machinery works". ensures the guarantee and after guarantee maintenance, commissioning, running repair of delivered equipment.

Contacts of service department: (86342) 4-13-69, 3-95-57, fax(86342) 4-22-44.
E-mail: [email protected]

CJSC "Press-forging machinery works". ensures the fast and effective development and introduction in production of the new progressive technologies which permit to reduce the manufacturing cost of the press-forging machines and to improve their quality. The reliable constructions, modern design of the products manufactured by the CJSC "Press-forging machinery works", promote the successful competition with a number of companies, as well as those from the CIS countries.

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