Технические характеристикиФотоЦена

Brief description:Ножницы листовые гидравлические с наклонным ножом

Standard complete set:

  1. Control panel on the rotary console or standard control board, control pedal;
  2. Rear stop with mechanized drive, display unit;
  3. Mechanism for rear stop withdrawal from the zone of plate feed when operating with long plates;
  4. Rotary guard of the working zone interlocked with hydrodrive;
  5. Side stop, angle stop, table extension piece;
  6. Ball bearings of plate, plate lifting mechanism under lower blade in the moment of feed;
  7. Clearance adjustment mechanism between the blades, device to adjust the upper blade rack with indication;
  8. Lighting of cutting line;
  9. Centralized system of lubrication;
  10. Machine manual.

Additional devices:

  1. Plate feeding device;
  2. Car.


All equipment produced by our plant
has a certificate showing compliance with safety requirements

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