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Brief descriptionНожницы листовые кривошипные с наклонным ножом

The shears are used in blanking shops of machine-building plants, dockyards and other branches of industry, as well ass in private enterprises.

In standard complete set are included:

  1. control board, control pedal;
  2. rear stop with mechanized drive, stop withdrawal during cutting, display unit;
  3. mechanism of rear stop removal from the plate feed zone at operation with long plates;
  4. side stop, angle stop, table extender;
  5. plate ball bearings, mechanism to lift the plate above top blade in the moment of feed;
  6. lighting of cutting line;
  7. rotary guard of the working zone interlocked with drive;
  8. centralized system of lubrication;
  9. machine manual.

Additional devices:

  1. feed device;
  2. car;
  3. device to clamp the plate to side stop.

The shears of models HA3223 and HA3225 are the main technological units for complexes of equipment for plate cutting AKHA3223.02 and AKHA3225.02.

All equipment produced by our plant
has a certificate showing compliance with safety requirements

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