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Brief description Hydraulic press brakes

The presses are designer to make various parts of strips and plates by multistart bending method. The presses are used at manufacture of the parts, furniture, base members of sheet and plate steels and alloys. They are supplied with set of bending tool - sectional or whole punch and multiopened die. Fixing device of the bending tool ensures its rapid resetting. The accuracy of dimensions of the bent parts not rougher of 12 accuracy class per GOST 25670-83.
The presses are equipped with device of digital programmed control. Especially our presses are effective when making the parts with large number of bends, because the conditions are created for multibending with automatic resetting of the stops.

Standard complete set:

  1. Mechanical stops inside hydraulic cylinders;
  2. Control panel on rotary console;
  3. Stepless adjustment of the ram stroke depth with two buttons on control panel, digital indication;
  4. Adjustable point of ram speed change;
  5. Adjustable working pressure, digital indication;
  6. Duties selector switch: setting - up, single stroke, automatic;
  7. Duties selector switch: pedal, board with 2 buttons;
  8. Sectional tool holders for best fixing of the tools;
  9. Centralized system of lubrication;
  10. Rear stop adjustable from operator's place;
  11. Worked hours counter;
  12. Stroke counter;
  13. Tools for machine maintenance.

Presses with digital programmed control device:

Additional equipment of presses.

  1. Hand device of the table deflection compensation, front guides;
  2. Tool of different configuration, sets of tools of import production;
  3. Hydraulic fixing of upper tool;
  4. Protection device for operator's hands "Lighting grill";
  5. Software of the bending process design for parts of different complexity.
All equipment produced by our plant
has a certificate showing compliance with safety requirements

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