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Brief description

Машина листогибочная валковая для изготовления изделий из тонкого листового металлаRoll sheet bending machine is universal and combines the possibilities of three - roll sheet bending machine with rotary bending beam, bending press, bead - forming machine and circular shears, This machine is used at the enterprises producing air lines, articles used in building.

The main production operation carried out with this machine is bending of articles of sheet metal (of tin on the whole), of the most various profiles: pipes (round, square, many-sided), C, V items, pan-type articles and so on, different flangings, cutting out of shaped parts, etc.

ГThe bending is made by roll rotation and bottom rolls, which can be changed by jib - crane, provided for this purpose, with aim to widen the range of bends. The rolls can rotate both each taken separately and in any combination. The position of top and rear rolls relatively to bottom roll is adjusted.

To ensure the convenience when bending pipes of large diameter the table is provided which can take up both horizontal and any inclined position.

All equipment produced by our plant
has a certificate showing compliance with safety requirements

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