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Пресс гидравлический пакетировочный для металлических отходов. Модель БВ1330The presses of models BV1330 and BG1334 are designed to bale the plate waste of steel and non - ferrous metals.
There could be performed the baling of plastic curling chips of ferrous and non - ferrous metals in cold state with coil length go less than 100 mm.
The chip also can be added into a pressing chamber when baling the plate waste in quantity up to 20%.
The press BG1334 permits to bale the VAZ car bodies and other analogous models with body width up to 1600 mm.

Пресс гидравлический пакетировочный для металлических отходов. Модель БГ1334When pressing chamber is filled with scrap, the cover loweres and presses the scrap. The plate waste hanging on a blade beam and walls of press are cut with cover blades. The pressing of balls is carried out successively with the rams of first and second stages of pressing, with ejection of finished bale through discharge opening. The duty of press operation-automatic cycle with interrupting charging. The press BG1334 is provided for automatic operation at continuous charging of scrap, the press insertion in automatic lines is available.

The presses can be used to bale the waste of plate forging production at the plants of agricultural machinery industry and motor-car construction, at the enterprises with large volume of plate forging production, as well as at the specialized enterprises of secondary processing of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

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