BALING PRESS K10.3.24.01 (EFFORT - 250 KN)

Технические характеристикиФотоЦена

Brief description

Пресс гидравлический пакетировочный для легковесных отходов и лома. Усилием 250 кН. Модель К10.3.24.01The press is designed to press the waste and scrap of the following materials: steel light scrap in form of plate side trimming (chips included), cans, cover, etc., waste of non-ferrous material into bales.

The press can be used at small enterprises, in workshops, agriculture, building, trade and others.

Thanks to use of wheels the press can be positioned at the station on waste collection in the more convenient place or between the stations.

Order of operation:

All equipment produced by our plant has a certificate
showing compliance with safety requirements

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