BALING PRESS K10.3.24.01 (EFFORT - 250 KN)

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Technical data

Parameters Value
Nominal effort of pressing, kN (tf) 250 (25)
Volume of pressing chamber in begining of baling, m3 0,12
Thickness of steel scrap and waste to be baled, mm, not over 1
Bale dimensions, mm 300 x 400 x (0...350)
Mass of steel bale, kg 30-55
Rated capacity, pcs./h 30
Pressure in hydraulic diagram MPa (kg/sm2) 12,5 (125)
Time of baling cucle, sec., not over 60
Power of electromotor, kW 7,5
Length, mm 2975
Width, mm 850
Height, mm 1230
Mass of press, kg 2500

To improve the consumers' parameters of equipment
OJSC "Donpressmash" reserves the right to introduce
technical and design amendments.

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