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Technical data

Parameters К10.3.18.02
Nominal effort, kN 63,0
Bale dimensions, mm 400x500x200-600
Dimensions of charging opening, mm B x L
500 х 560
Max, volume of charging, m3 0,24
Time of baling cycle (upstroke and downstroke of the ram without accounting the time of charging and strapping) sec., not over 30
Mass of bale, kg, not over 20 - 50
Output (at raw material density: K10.3.18.01 - 01 t/m3; К10.3.32.05 - 0,2 t/m3), t/h 0,3 - 0,6
Method of bale strapping manual
Electromotor power, kW (for K10.3.32.05 - 5 pcs) 1.5
Напряжение, В 220 380
Overall dimensions of press, mm
- length
- width
- height
Mass of press, t 0,6

* - mass of bale depends on the desity of material to be pressed and height of bale.

To improve the consumers' parameters of equipment OJSC "Donpressmash" reserves the right to introduce technical and design amendments.

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