Effort 1600 kN

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Technical data

Parameters K10.3.32.05
Nominal effort, kN 1600
Bale dimensions, mm

B x H x L

Dimensions of charging opening, mm

В x L

Max, volume of charging, m3 3
Mass of bale, kg, not over 1200 - 2000
Time of baling cycle (upstroke and downstroke of the ram without accounting the time of charging and strapping) sec., not over 30
Strapping (wires number and their diameter, pcs/d), mm 5/3 - 3/6
Output (К10.3.32.05 - 0,2 t/m3), t/h 25
Electromotor power, kW (for K10.3.32.05 - 5 pcs) 108
Overall dimensions of press, mm
L x B x H
12500 x 2800 x 5850
Mass of press, t 39000

To improve the consumers' parameters of equipment OJSC "Donpressmash" reserves the right to introduce technical and design amendments.

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