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Brief descriptionПресс-ножницы комбинированные гидравлические. Модель К10.2.30.01

Hydraulic multipurpose press - and - shears, model K10.2.30.01, are the multifunctional machine and can be used in the blanking, repair and pressing shops of the plant metal bases and various kind of the workshops both an independent unit and the part of automatic production line, with aim to perform the most various technological operations: shearing, punching, cutting out of open slots;
Using the special equipment: bending, straightening, pressing off, pressing in, etc;
Using the stamping tools: practically all kinds of sheet (plate) forming and some kinds of die forging.

Standard set of equipment:

Additional set of equipment:

  • Tool for accessory dies to cut the angle, channel, I-beam, round, square strip as well as to punch and cut out according to dimensions agreed with the customer.
  • Tool for sheet (plate) stamping according to dimensions agreed with the customer.

Main technological operations:

Diagram of the rolled stock arrangement on the rolling table:

Пресс-ножницы комбинированные гидравлические. Модель К10.2.26.02

Hydraulic multipurpose press-and-shears, model K10.2.26.03, are designed to cut the strip, bars and structural shapes, punch the holes, cut out the slot of rectilinear and triangular form, bend the pipes, strips, cut out the radius slots on the pipes as well as for additional operations: pressing in, pressing off and other operations within the nominal effort. The tool is secured to the movable parts of the press-and-shears.
The press-and-shears can be used by the blanking repair and stamping bays of the engineering works as well as at the private enterprises.


Standard set of equipment:

Additional set of equipment:

All equipment produced by our plant has a certificate
showing compliance with safety requirements

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