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Brief description

”становка дл¤ покрыти¤ труб теплоизол¤цией. ћодель ”ѕ“12 Foam - thermal insulation pipe coating installation, model UPT12, can be used ad the plants and pipe coating manufacture bays.

The installation is designed for mechanization of the pipes coating process with foam - thermal insulation on the base of polymer mixture.

The pipe coating comprises two layers: the first - thermally insulating with thickness of 40 mm and the second - damp - proof with thickness of 20 mm.

The layers are applied in turn. At first the pipe is covered with heat - insulation layer in the first mould; then it is transferred into the second mould of larger diameter and covered with hydrofuge insulation.



All equipment produced by our plant has a certificate showing compliance with safety requirements

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