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Brief description

Пресс  для изготовления кирпича. Модель АО-1М The mechanical press of model AO-1M is designed for dry-press process of air - dried brick moulding.

The press develops the unit pressure up to 200 kgf/cm2 depending on the clay components and quality of its preparation. After air brick predrying and burning the finished brick has a grade of "75" and "100".

The easily melted clays and loams can serve as a raw for brick making by dry - press process.

The main components of chemical composition of the mineral clays: SiO2 (60 - 70%), Al2O3 (10 - 15%), Fe2O3 (5 - 8%).

The conditions of brick making by dry - press process require the preparation of clay powder, containing approximately 50% of the particles less than 1 mm and 50% of the particles with dimension of 1 - 3 mm. The presence of 10 - 12% of the particles with dimension up to 5 mm is allowed, The powder humidity should not exceed 10 - 12%.

All equipment produced by our plant has a certificate showing compliance with safety requirements

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