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Brief description

Прессы  для изготовления кирпича (методом гиперпрессования). Модели К10.9.34.01 и К10.9.34.02 Hydraulic presses of the models K10.9.34.01 and K10.9.34.02 are designed for making the brick by hyper pressing method without posterior burning.

The sand, screenings, crushed rock, waste after sawing of the rough block of stone containing the fractions of 48 mm - 30 - 55%; 0,14 - 2,5 mm - 25 - 35%; less than 0.14 mm - 10 - 20% can be used as a raw for making the brick without burning.

The clay addition should not exceed 10% from the raw volume.
The mixture of one of the above - mentioned materials and 10% of cement is an initial material for making the brick. The mixture humidity should not exceed 10 - 12%.

The presses are equipped with conveyers to remove the brick from the press and are maintained by two workers: an operator and a brick layer.

Technical data of brick:

1. Compression strength, kg/cm2 up to 175
2. Bending strength, max, kg/cm2 31
3. Water absorption, % 5
4. Frost resistance, cycle 35
5. Thermal conductivity, W/m * deg 0,8
6. Brick weight, kg
- directly after making
- after 3 days
7. Density, g/cm3 2,3 - 2,5

All equipment produced by our plant has a certificate showing compliance with safety requirements

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