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Brief description

Пресс гидравлический камнекольный, усилием 6300 кНHydraulic stone breaking press is designed for making the breaking products at manufacture of articles like stone blocks, curb and border stones of the natural stone blocks and can be used processing enterprises as well as a component of mechanized lines.

For example, the granite block made of breaking pieces and being an ecologically pure natural material is used widely as a solid covering for roads and side walks in settlements instead of asphalt covering, containing different inclusions which have a negative influence on a human organism.

The press comprises:

At the press operation a feed device ensures the required advance of stone.

The tool - indenters of the press, are self - adjusted on a stone section from above and below and fixed in the traverses. After the indenters clamping the working effort is transmitted to a lower traverse that ensures the qualitative crack of the stone and high durability of the tool - indenters.

The broken - off plate is removed though a slide.




All equipment produced by our plant has a certificate showing compliance with safety requirements

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