2500 - kN HYDRAULIC VENEERING PRESS model K10.0.34.01

Технические характеристикиФотоЦена

Brief description

The press is designed for facing the woody plate materials of type DVP, DSP, veneer, strip - type plates. The facing is carried out with veneer of oak, beech, ash - tree and synthetic filmy materials. The facing can be carried out both on one side of the work piece and on both sides simultaneously.

Пресс фанеровочный гидравлический, усилием 2500 кН

The facing process is carried out as follows: special glue is applied on a plate work piece, the veneer or film is applied manually from above. The prepared work piece is fed by a conveyer under the press on a lower down heated plate. The ram with upper heated plate is lowered down and presses the work piece with calculated effort/ After determined endurance under pressure and required temperature depending on the glue properties, you receive a strong joining and beautiful appearance of the surface.

All equipment produced by our plant has a certificate showing compliance with safety requirements

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